Fitting protective wall coatings in Surrey

Where appearance counts…

Successful installation of external wall insulation and a coloured render finish to this home IN Surrey.

Project Description

The owners of this property in Surrey, wanted a maintenance-free breathable wall coating to transform the look of their home.

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Work Description

1. Preparation

Hammer test the pebbledash to check for any blown or loose render beneath

2. Masking

Shield doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas with tape and heavy-duty paper, taking great care to protect plants and lawns

3. Restoration and Repair

Remove damaged render from brickwork and open up thermal block cracks to reveal whether any bricks or blocks are cracked

Screw an EML mesh into the brickwork and thermal blocks for reinforcement and to help reduce movement
Apply a two-coat sand and cement render to the damaged areas, then spray Tyrolean render on the walls to create a uniform surface with no visible scarring

4. Bag Rubbing

Brush on a PVA mortar mix called bag rubbing to cover imperfections and act as a base for the next stage

5. Primer Coat

Once the bag rubbing is dry, we work primer into the surface using thick brushes.

6. Final Coat

 Specialist equipment to spray a minimum of 1.2 litres of Andura Classic 21 wall coating on to every square metre. This creates a fantastic even finish guaranteed not to chip, flake, peel or crack for 25 years.

project 2 before
project 2 after
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