Monocouche Coloured Render Surrey

Monocouche coloured rendering in Surrey is our members second most popular service, this render has very similar qualities to the traditional Sand & Cement render and is a very affordable option for when it comes down to coloured render.

The application of the product is quicker than most other products and has a minimum lifespan of 10 years which surpasses the traditional Sand & Cement application.

Monocouche has one of the larger selections of pre-made colours compared to other materials, please see below an example of a colour chart supplied by the manufacturer (many other colours are available).

Is Monocouche Render Expensive?


Monocouche – French for ‘single layer’ – is one of the newer techniques to rendering your home in Surrey. Monocouche render is supplied in bags, ready for mixing with water. It can be applied by hand trowel or sprayed on.

Monocouche renders use white cement and are pre-coloured (in any colour you want). They can be applied in one coat, so are quicker and therefore less labour intensive than traditional house rendering products in Surrey. However, what is saved in labour costs is used up on materials, as bags of Monocouche can be many times more than usual cement.

Whatever your requirements or budget, services will be tailored to suit you.