Silicone Rendering Surrey

Silicone Render is one of the newest render products to be introduced into the UK and is still quite a specialist product.

The brands that our members use are of the highest quality material but still remains competitively priced when compared to other market leaders.

Benefits of Silicone Render

Silicone based render, in our expert opinion; is the best render material on the market given the huge amount of benefits it offers to your home, such as;

25 Years Manufacturers Guarantee
Maintenance Free (Self Cleaning)
Breathable & Helps Combat Damp
Comes In Many Different Colours
Perfect Painted Finish
A New, Fresh, Modern Feel
Flexible (No More Cracks!)
Goes Well With Our External Wall Insulation

One of the most popular benefits to using modern render materials in Surrey such as Silicone is the fact that it comes already coloured – as this colour is already dyed into the material, you are guaranteed to get a consistent and full cover. Having this product means that there is no need for a painter – not only reducing the overall cost of the project but time as well.


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