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Surrey Rendering Network members are specialists in insulation in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our panel of members offer a variety of energy efficient services to help homeowners and tenants become more energy efficient and reduce their fuel and heating bills and also make extra storage space to suit you.

Our members have vast experience in the plastering and rendering industry and not only provide high quality of workmanship, but a service that is Fast, Friendly and Thorough.

We pride ourselves on our members hard work and honesty. If you would like to see examples work carried out by our members, then why not visit our gallery, where you will get a description of the service you require from start to finish.



Improving Energy Efficiency and Preventing Heat Loss


Insulating your Surrey home is one of the most effective ways to retain heat and reduce your energy bills. This is because many homes, both old and new, throughout Surrey & Cheshire are not insulated as well as they could be.

The majority of the heat loss is through your walls and your loft, making loft insulation the most effective ways to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

Loft Insulation in Surrey

Many older houses don’t benefit from the tremendous fuel savings brought by having modern loft insulation in Surrey. Heat rises and as such it’s quite important to professionally insulate your attic with Surrey loft insulation.

At Surrey Rendering Network , our members provide loft insulation and boarding services on their own or at exactly the same time as fitting a loft ladder or developing a luxury storage space.

Loft Boarding in Surrey

Transform that filthy old loft into a bright, secure and functional space with specialist loft boarding in Surrey. Having years of experience in loft flooring and boarding, we all know what it takes to make your loft a versatile and space-saving resource at your home. With this in mind, our members provide tailored loft boarding services at an unbeatable price. 

Our Other Services

Underfloor Insulation in Surrey

Without underfloor insulation the temperature on the surface of your floor will be close to the temperature under your floor. Insulation makes the temperature on the surface of your floor the same as the inside temperature of your home. In a nutshell, it comes down to affordable comfort. At Surrey Rendering Network , our members offer underfloor insulation in Surrey and throughout the surrounding areas.

Loft Ladders in Surrey


In modern day life, storage space is highly sought after and housing prices are higher than ever, our members can help you make use of the space you have by gaining safe and effortless access to your loft, installing loft ladders in Surrey. Making your loft accessible is the perfect, economical and practical solution for increasing your storage area and we can help you do precisely that.

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