Scratch Back Rendering Surrey

When looking into the various options you have available for your rendering treatment in Surrey, it can get a little overwhelming. Determining the benefits between polymer rendering, monocouche rendering, scratch render and more can be confusing. This is why getting input from a skilled professional can be a beneficial aspect of any service. Surrey Rendering Network is here to provide you with that support.


What is Scratch Render?


This is a coloured cement-like render that is applied in two layers. The top layer is scratched back while the surface is still workable, but after the initial setting has taken place. The surface of the render is removed with a scratching tool. Approximately 2 to 3 millimetres of render is removed to expose the open matrix of the aggregate mix. The true colour of the render is exposed with a light even texture.

Dual Layer Protection

Although ‘mono’ usually means to be a singular. Monocouche scratch rendering in Surrey is actually two layers applied, one on top one another. The first is a fiberglass mixture that provides you with strength and rigidity as well as insulation. The second provides the finishing coat that gives you the finished look and durability. Making the choice to look into this particular treatment for your property can ensure that you get the most out of a single service. Surrey Rendering Network members are here to provide you with the results you need.

Fiberglass Undercoat

Whether you’re looking for a scratch render or a traditional monocouche, the fiberglass mesh undercoat brings you the damp proofing you need. This two-stage approach to rendering, gives your building the nest protection and the finished look that you seek.

Rendered Topcoat

The topcoat of your scratch back rendering in Surrey not only provides the style of the render, in a colour of your choosing, but it also protects your home from the weather. If you’re looking for experts who offer scratch back rendering call Surrey Rendering Network . our members will deliver the results you need.

Lasting Finish

Of course, every service our members provide to the Surrey area is carried out with the intention of delivering years of reliability. With the right materials in the hands of skilled professionals as well as a deep understanding of how to get the most out of your rendering product choices. Choosing a Surrey Rendering Network member guarantees a professional and reliable service. Our members have worked on hundreds of homes and businesses in Surrey and the surrounding areas for many years. You will not be disappointed.

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Surrey Rendering Network members have access to a number of high performance, competitively-priced products from some of the leading suppliers of rendering in Surrey. Whatever your need, taste or budget, our members have an insulated render to suit. Please contact us today for more information or a free, no obligation quotation or general advice.